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It's easy to find accents in the world of high school theater--from class scenes to improv. to main stage productions! Accents are vital to every young actor's artistic development. 

...But TEACHING accents can sometimes be overwhelming, and even a little scary. 

I will introduce accents to your theater students in action-packed, fun-filled workshops. I'll break down the accent into easy steps designed for the high school theater student. Each student will be able to practice, perform, and walk away with the tools to continue developing their brand new accents.

I offer:

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level workshops
  • Single or multi-day workshops
  • In-class, after school, or special masterclass workshops
  • Workshops for popular accents in high school theater

Answers to frequently-asked questions can be found HERE.


Me in action:


"Adam's accent workshop was fun, creative, dynamic, full of multi-media examples, and imagination.  I adored seeing my students explore accents through the framework of games, and continue to see the imprint he's left behind with my students' accent skills."

-Jessica Binder, Theater Arts Director
Reservoir High School, Fulton, MD