Centennial High School, MD

Q: What accent workshops do you offer?
A: British/RP, British/Cockney, New York City, Southern, Irish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Scottish, Boston, Midwest

Q: I'm working on a show with accents not from your list of workshops--can I still get a workshop for these accents?
A: Absolutely! I will create a workshop for ANY accent you need! 

Q: How many workshops will I need? 
A: That's entirely up to you and your needs/schedule/budget. I will introduce ONE accent per workshop--this can be booked as either a single masterclass (up to 2 hours), or a total accent-immersion experience (multiple classes over a period of days, up to one week)

Q: Can I book you for multiple accents?
A: Absolutely! But again, so as not to overwhelm your students, I focus on only ONE accent per class. 

Q: Where are you located?
A: I'm based is based in Los Angeles, but I travel all over the country!

Q: What are your rates?
A: My rates are based on total time booked and the location of your school--please contact me for more info.
NOTE: You must book me for at least a 2 hour minimum.