Claremont High School, CA

Claremont High School, CA

Q: How much coaching will be needed?
A: There's a lot to consider here including:

  • How many accents are there?
  • How complicated are the accents?
  • How many actors are speaking in accents?
  • How long is the rehearsal period?
  • Do your actors have any prior experience with accents? 

For solid accent development, I generally recommend 3-4 coaching sessions. For additional accent support, I can also create an accent study guide for the cast.

Q: How long are coaching sessions?
A: I like to start with a two hour introductory workshop. After that, a session can be anywhere from one hour to a full rehearsal--it depends on the needs of your cast.

Q: Do you only coach in Los Angeles?
A: Thanks to Skype, it doesn't matter where you're located--I can absolutely still work with your cast! If you'd like in-person coaching and you're not in the Los Angeles area, I'll come to your school. 

Q: What are your rates?
A: My rates are based on total time booked and the location of your school--please contact me for more info.
NOTE: You must book me for at least a 2 hour minimum.