Accents at the TONY'S

Are you as excited as I am for this year's Tony Awards? There are SOOO many exciting shows this year! Around this time every year, one of my favorite things to do is investigate how many ACCENT shows have been acknowledged. Whether in new exciting pieces, or revived treasures from the past, accents are everywhere in the world of theater, and Broadway reminds us of this every year!

Here’s a complete guide to the ACCENTS in this year’s Tony-nominated shows:

"The Ferryman" by Jez Butterworth
ACCENTS: Northern Ireland

"Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus" by Taylor Mac
ACCENTS: Standard British (RP), Cockney

"Ink" by James Graham
ACCENTS: Standard British (RP), Estuary, Yorkshire, Australian

"Burn This" by Lanford Wilson
ACCENTS: New Jersey

"Torch Song" by Harvey Fierstein
ACCENTS: New York City

"The Waverly Gallery" by Kenneth Lonergan

“To Kill A Mockingbird”
ACCENTS: Alabama (Southern)

ACCENTS: Standard British

“King Lear”
ACCENTS: Various British

Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!"
ACCENTS: Oklahoma (Southern)

ACCENTS: Jamaican and others

ACCENTS: Southern, NYC

“The Cher Show”
ACCENTS: Midwest, Southern, California